A Louisiana Gentleman and Other New Orleans Comedies, Volume 1

Ghosts of New Orleans: < Plays by Rosary Hartel O’Neill, Volume 2

Afterlife Ghostly Comedies: Plays by Rosary Hartel O'Neill Volume 3

the Vampire Trilogy and the Celebrity Plays

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These plays all have synopses: Bolded titles can be ordered from Concord Theatricals Italicized titles can be found in the various anthologies noted above. Not found - two unpublished works

The Awakening of Kate Chopin, Beckett at Greystones Bay, Behind Cut Glass (Found in Afterlife - Ghostly Comedies, Blackjack the Thief of Possession, Broadway or Bust (Found in The Vampire Trilogy & Celeb), Buried Alive (Found in The Vampire Trilogy), Catatonic: Unpublished, The Death Spiral (found in Afterlife - Ghostly Comedies), Degas in New Orleans, Clark and Carole (Found in the Vampire Trilogy & Celeb), Hearts (Found in Afterlife - Ghostly Comedies), James Dean and the Devil (Found in Afterlife - Ghostly Com), James Dean and the Highway of Death (Found in Vamp. Trilogy), John Singer Sargent and Madame X, A Louisiana Gentleman, Marie Laveau and the Vampire (Found in the Vampire Trilogy), Marilyn/God, Montgomery Clift and the All Girl Fan Club (Found in Afterlife,Vol. 3), Naked in New Orleans: Screenplay unpublished, Property, The Reluctant Vampire (Found in the Vampire Trilogy), Solitaire, Turtle Soup, Uncle Victor, White Suits in Summer, The Wing of Madness Found in Rhapsodies, Wishing Aces

Individual Plays:

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The Awakening of Kate Chopin

Beckett at Greystones Bay

Behind Cut Glass

Blackjack: The Thief of Possession

Broadway or Bust

Buried Alive


The Death Spiral

Degas in New Orleans

Clark and Carole


James Dean and the Devil

James Dean & The Highway of Death car

John Singer Sargent and Madame X

A Louisiana Gentleman



Montgomery Clift & the All Girl Fan Club

Naked in New Orleans



Turtle Soup

Uncle Victor

White Suits in Summer

The Wing of Madness

Wishing Aces


Naked in New Orleans

All the Vampire plays and screenplays

Marie Laveau and the Vampire: A Musical Romance


Vampires Over Broadway

The Vampire's Last Bite


The Reluctant Vampire: The Morning After Marie Laveau's Death