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Praise for New Orleans Carnival Krewes: The History, Spirit and Secrets of Mardi Gras


Rosary O'Neill, a native New Orleanian from an old-line Carnival family and a professor emeritus of theater at Loyola University who is now a New York resident, has traced the history and analyzed the significance of New Orleans Carnival krewes in this spirited and richly illustrated account... Carnival has even come to serve as a symbol of civic resilience, of the city's ability to rise above and defy adversity. No wonder O'Neill, for all her awareness of its problems, still loves Carnival and can write about it enthusiastically. --Jack Anderson, New York Theatre Wire

Those outlandishly entertaining carnival krewes, the pillars of Mardi Gras, are revealed in all their glory by author Rosary O’Neill who has documented the birth, history, and structure of the krewes after extensive research. With many charts and photographs, the book details the entire Mardi Gras experience. Novices and veteran festival goers alike will appreciate all the facts, tidbits, and behind the scene information that Dr. O’Neill has collected and shared in her book. -- Mona Hayden, Louisiana Road Trips March 2014, Cover Stories, Book Review

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Praise for The Actor's Checklist

It's a very easy read, chapters are short becausewhat you'll need to do is let the information sink in. -AZ

If you want one book that spells it all out for you buy this book - David Malek

I hope to use much of what I've learned from The Actor's Checklist both when I'm acting and when I'm directing. --M.S. Sanders


Praise for Afterlife: Ghostly Comedies  

O’Neill can somehow enable her audiences to laugh uproariously while re-examining the lies they have been telling themselves. ---Katherine H. Adams, HUTCHINSON PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH,


Praise for Ghosts of New Orleans  
Dr. O'Neill's plays on the artist center on the individual's efforts to find truth, authenticity, and integrity in a world frequently corrupt, self-serving, and dispassionate to the needs of the creative temperament.--Brendan McCall Manager, Cummins Theatre (Australia) & Artistic Director, Ensemble Free Theater Norway
Praise for A Louisiana Gentleman  
Expertly written and evocative of the mystery and atmosphere of New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina, the plays in A Louisiana Gentleman are worthy of both armchair reading and production on stage. They tell stories that could happen only in and around New Orleans, and the characters are so well crafted you come to know them better than they know themselves - their passions, their flaws, their prejudices, and all their idiosyncracies. --Nancy Gall-Clayton, award winning playwright
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Praise for Plane Love  
O’Neill’s play is historical yet modern, it is vibrant and transfixing and it should be added to the repertory of seminal works showing casing men’s and women’s struggles with self-definition as they attempt to step beyond issues of sexual stereotype and fail miserably.
--Carol DeTosti Reviewer, Journalist, Editorialist at All Along the NYC Skyline

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